About Us

The Early Learning Center provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for preschool age children of all cultural backgrounds and abilities. We believe that learning takes place primarily through exploratory play. We offer a variety of both directed and non-directed activities to encourage children to develop a strong sense of curiosity, self-esteem, and independence.
Our Philosophy
The preschool program at the Early Learning Center is one which reflects the belief that learning takes place primarily through exploratory play activities. The activities vary considerably in the amount of adult guidance which accompanies them, and it is our belief that a good preschool program offers both directed and non-directed activities which encourage children to plan and think about what they are doing. Because the staff of the Early Learning Center also believes that children are happiest and most productive when given order and limits, but with the freedom for individual expression, the daily schedule alternates structured group activities with periods when the children are encouraged to select their own activities and playmates.

Group activities include story time, show-and-tell, music and movement, games, cooking projects, and a variety of special teacher-planned activities which frequently involve the entire class at once. Individual and small group play activities are numerous, and what is offered varies from week to week.

Our Programs
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